E. Yu. Zvychainaya

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Analysis the of cytochrome b gene (1140 b.p.) polymorphism and polymorphism of 79 specimens of the control region (934 b.p.) of mtDNA of the Siberian roe deer Capreolus pygargus from 23 regions of Russia and Kazakhstan has been carried out. The combined alignment of two fragments of mitochondrial DNA revealed 36 haplotypes, which are distributed in three(More)
Phylogenetic relationships among five contemporary Artiodactyla families (Suidae, Tragulidae, Moschidae, Bovide, Cervidae) are studied using the cluster analysis of 45 behavioral features in representatives of 51 genera. Representatives of ancient Suidae and Tragulidae groups are shown to contain archaic patterns in their behavioral repertoire and form a(More)
Molecular genetic methods were used to perform the species and individual identification of 117 samples of hair and feces of carnivores collected in natural habitats. The species were identified for 85.5% of the samples. The analysis of the nucleotide sequences of the cytochrome b mitochondrial gene was used to identify the samples of hair and feces of snow(More)
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