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Tumour development is characterised by the increased circulating DNA (cirDNA) concentration and by tumour-related changes in blood plasma DNA. Concentration of cirDNA and methylation of RARbeta2, RASSF1A and HIC-1 gene promoters were investigated in cell-free and cell-surface-bound fractions from healthy donors, patients with breast cancer, and patients(More)
The review considers the main techniques to extract microRNA (miRNA) from various biological fluids (in particular, the serum and plasma), approaches to the analysis of miRNA concentration and composition, and methods to normalize the results in data analyses. Advantages and drawbacks of the methods are described. Special attention is given to circulating(More)
Analysis of DNA epigenetic mutations in the blood circulating DNA is a prospective trend for creation of noninvasive methods for the diagnosis and treatment effi ciency monitoring in cancer. The methylation status of target genes in circulating DNA was evaluated by methods based on preliminary bisulfi te conversion of DNA. We used a different approach based(More)
The main components of DNA aberrant methylation in malignant cells are promoter hypermethylation of specific genes and hypomethylation of the main part of DNA, in particular, the repeated sequences of retrotransposons. The hypomethylation of retrotransposons from the LINE-1 family was revealed in the lung cancer (LC) tissue. The composition of circulating(More)
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