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At their entry into the animal domicile, "La Stampa", in Lugano (canton Tessin), 217 stray dogs and 154 unwanted dogs were examined for infections with intestinal parasites, filariae, Babesia and Leishmania. The following techniques were used for detection of intestinal parasites: combined sedimentation-flotation, MIFC technique and scotch tape adherence(More)
At 2 days of age, each of 20 chickens was perorally or intracloacally infected with 3 × 105 oocysts of Cryptosporidium baileyi and maintained for 13 days post infection. In parallel, 20 embryonated chicken eggs were inoculated with 3 × 105 oocysts at day 10 of embryonation and were incubated for a further 7 days. The average reproduction rates in the two(More)
We present a case of acute lead poisoning in 10 calves. All calves died with few or no clinical signs prior to death. The clinical signs included neurologic and gastrointestinal symptoms but were of an unspecific nature. Several painted iron girders, stored on a field close to the farm, were determined as the source of the poisoning. Postmortem findings(More)
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