E. William Chapin

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Effects of crowding and intermittent isolation on gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus). PHYSIOL. BEHAV. 13(6) 723-727, 1974.-Gerbils were reared from weaning to adulthood in mixed-sex paired, crowded or isolate-crowded conditions, the latter consisting of placing crowded animals into individual boxes for 2 hr per day. Paired males exhibited more ventral marking(More)
On d 7 or 12 of gestation or on d 2 postpartum, Swiss ICR dams were administered either (1) a single intragastric dose of Pt(SO4) at the LD1 level or dilute H2SO4 at an equivalent volume, pH, and sulfate content, or (2) a single subcutaneous dose of Na2PtCl6 or phosphate-buffered saline at an equivalent volume and pH. To differentiate prenatal from(More)