E. William Akins

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In this study we evaluated methods for reducing high-flow jets from 5-French catheters that occur when injection pressures approach catheter tolerance (1000 psi [6.9 MPa]). This "jet effect" has been responsible for subintimal extravasation of contrast material in patients. We designed a physical model that accurately measures flow rates through the end(More)
PURPOSE The authors examined the nephrotoxicity of carbon dioxide injected directly into the renal arteries as an arterial contrast agent. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fourteen anesthetized dogs received selective renal infusions of CO2 ranging from a normal dose of 7 cm3/kg to high doses of 11-54 cm3/kg. Two dogs received conventional iodinated contrast media.(More)
Electrocardiographic gated magnetic resonance imaging of the thoracic aorta was performed on a patient with aortic dissection. Magnetic resonance demonstrated the intimal flaps and double lumina, allowing correct classification of the dissection as proven surgically. The blood pool signal in the false lumen was low during diastole and higher during systole,(More)
Biplane Fourier amplitude and phase images from radionuclide ventriculograms were analyzed for the presence of regional wall motion abnormalities in 25 patients who had a total of 33 healed myocardial infarctions (nonviable scar tissue) documented by contrast ventriculography and ECG. This indirect evidence was validated by MRI, which permits direct(More)
The ability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to detect and localize healed myocardial infarction (MI) was assessed. Seventeen consecutive patients with healed MI assessed by biplane contrast ventriculography underwent MRI using oblique imaging planes. Seven normal subjects underwent MRI as controls. In each patient, ventriculography identified regional(More)
Visualization of the left ventricle by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is largely a function of imaging planes. The best depiction of the myocardium is possible when the imaging plane is perpendicular to the region of interest. The effect of imaging plane on the visualization of the left ventricle has not been fully described. To assess this effect, 10(More)