E Wałajtys-Rode

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The effect of in vivo administration of acetonide triamcinolone (AT) on histamine (HA) metabolism in synaptosomes, highly purified from rat brain by discontinuous Ficoll-sucrose gradient centrifugation, was investigated. AT decreases ability of synaptosomes to actively accumulate HA precursor, L-[U-14C]histidine, measured after rapid centrifugation of(More)
Adult male Wistar rats were submitted to normobaric hyperoxygenation for 1 and 4 hours, then brain synaptosomes were isolated and uptake and release of the histamine precursor - histidine (His), histamine (HA) level and His metabolizing enzymes activities were measured. This uptake in hyperoxic synaptosomes was inhibited by about 20%. After 1-hour(More)
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