E W Meijer

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The precursor formamide 1 was employed instead of the monomer 2 because isocyanides are relatively unstable in air at room temperature. [19] a) [20] Molecular modeling shows that (in common with the phenyl benzo-ate compounds previously described [17]) an angle exists between the planar phenoxy and TTF ring systems. [21] The oxidation of the polymer was(More)
Interactions and visualization of bio-mimetic membrane detachment at smooth and nano-rough gold electrode surfaces, " Soft Matter 9, 5231-5238 (2013) Nonlinear scaling of surface water diffusion with bulk water viscosity of crowded solutions, " J. Improved performance of protected polysiloxanes for bio-inspired wet adhesion to surface oxides, " J.(More)
" Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization and molecular dynamic simulations using pyrroline and piperidine ring nitroxide radicals, " Relationship between macroscopic properties and polymer architecture in hydrogen bonded thermoplastic elastomers, " Topological analysis of polymeric melts: Chain-length effects and fast-converging estimators for entanglement(More)
  • L A Connal, R Vestberg, C J Hawker, G G Qiao, K E Feldman, M J Kade +22 others
  • 2009
Dramatic morphology control in the fabrication of porous polymer films, " Adv. Polymers with multiple hydrogen-bonded end groups and their blends, " Macromolecules 41, 4694 (2008) on nonplanar substrates: Flexible honeycomb films from a range of self-assembling star copolymers, " Langmuir 24, 556 (2008) " Field-directed and confined molecular assembly of(More)
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