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We conduct experiments to investigate the sintering of high-viscosity liquid droplets. Free-standing cylinders of spherical glass beads are heated above their glass transition temperature, causing them to densify under surface tension. We determine the evolving volume of the bead pack at high spatial and temporal resolution. We use these data to test a(More)
[1] Strombolian eruptions, common at basaltic volcanoes, are mildly explosive events that are driven by a large bubble of magmatic gas (a slug) rising up the conduit and bursting at the surface. Gas overpressure within the bursting slug governs explosion dynamics and vigor and is the main factor controlling associated acoustic and seismic signals. We(More)
Fluid flow analyses for porous media are of great importance in a wide range of industrial applications including, but not limited to, resin transfer moulding, filter analysis, transport of underground water and pollutants, and hydrocarbon recovery. Permeability is perhaps the most important property that characterizes porous media; however, its(More)
We develop a model for the rheology of a three-phase suspension of bubbles and particles in a Newtonian liquid undergoing steady flow. We adopt an 'effective-medium' approach in which the bubbly liquid is treated as a continuous medium which suspends the particles. The resulting three-phase model combines separate two-phase models for bubble suspension(More)
Cristobalite is a common mineral in volcanic ash produced from dome-forming eruptions. Assessment of the respiratory hazard posed by volcanic ash requires understanding the nature of the cristobalite it contains. Volcanic cristobalite contains coupled substitutions of Al 3+ and Na + for Si 4+ ; similar co-substitutions in synthetic cristobalite are known to(More)
The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is used to investigate the dual-scale problem of fluid flow through three-dimensional multifilament woven fabrics. Such fabrics are characterized by two distinct length scales: the thickness of a single filament and the thickness of a bundle of filaments, known as yarn. The yarn's thickness is typically two orders of(More)
Sintering-or coalescence-of compacts of viscous droplets is driven by the interfacial tension between the droplets and the interstitial gas phase. The process, which occurs in a range of industrial and natural settings, such as the manufacture of ceramics and the welding of volcanic ash, causes the compact to densify, to become stronger, and to become less(More)
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