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  • M J R Ebben, E W Hans, F M Olde Weghuis
  • 2004
In practice, order acceptance and production planning are often functionally separated. As a result, order acceptance decisions are made without considering the actual workload in the production system, or by only regarding the aggregate workload. We investigate the importance of a good workload based order acceptance method in over-demanded job shop(More)
Daily traffic congestions form major problems for businesses such as logistical service providers and distribution firms. They cause late arrivals at customers and additional hiring costs for the truck drivers. The additional costs of traffic congestions can be reduced by taking into account and avoid well-predictable traffic congestions within off-line(More)
Most solution methods for the vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW) develop routes from the earliest feasible departure time. However, in practice, temporal traffic congestions make that such solutions are not optimal with respect to minimizing the total duty time. Furthermore, VRPTW solutions do not account for complex driving hours(More)
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