E. Villa Moruzzi

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The postdenervation changes in glycogen metabolism were explored in fast (extensor digitorum longus, EDL), and slow (soleus, S) muscle of rat. During the first 12-14 hours after denervation, glycogen accumulates to a similar content in the two muscles, an effect reproduced by paralysis. Increase in the molecular weight of glycogen and decrease in the(More)
Changes in glycogen metabolism with function have been explored in a fast (the extensor digitorum longus, EDL) and in a slow (the soleus, S) muscle of rat. The rate of glucose incorporation is not related to the glycogen levels. In the S glycogen levels are lower and glucose incorporation is higher than in EDL and differences almost disappear after(More)
PURPOSE To assess the influence of head mispositioning during lateral teleradiography of the skull for cephalometric purposes. MATERIAL AND METHODS We used a human dry skull fixed on a professional support at a three level angular scale to quantitate lateral and anteroposterior rotations and inclinations. We took 15 radiographs at different angles (-2(More)
Adequate attention to prevention of cross-contamination in dental operatory is largely ignored by orthodontists. This occurs for two principal reasons. The first one is that orthodontic patients, usually children, are erroneously considered a low-risk population. The second one is that orthodontic procedures are usually considered nontissue invasive and not(More)
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