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Thin sections of biopsies from five patients with supraglottic laryngeal carcinoma who possessed antibody to early antigen of EB virus were examined for the presence of EB virus nuclear antigen (EBNA) and EB virus DNA by cytological hybridization in situ. Both EBNA and EB virus DNA were found in the tumour cells of three of the patients. The present(More)
The presence of Epstein-Barr virus genetic material was demonstrated in thin sections of biopsy specimens in 6 of 7 carcinomas of human palatine tonsil by the in situ hybridization test. The biopsy specimens from 4 tonsillar carcinomas exhibited a strong positive reaction; two biopsy specimens were weakly positive. Two tumor-free biopsy specimens were(More)
A 38-year old man deceased after being operated on recurring pituitary adenoma removed 13 years ago. Autopsy showed a massive spread of tumour on dura and in subarachnoid space. Growth hormone producing cells were found prevailing in the primary tumour as well as in secondaries by immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence which concurred with acromegaly.(More)
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