E Vigezzi

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Protein aggregation is studied by following the simultaneous folding of two designed identical 20-letter amino acid chains within the framework of a lattice model and using Monte Carlo simulations. It is found that protein aggregation is determined by elementary structures (partially folded intermediates) controlled by local contacts among some of the most(More)
The inner crust of a neutron star is a superfluid and inhomogeneous system , consisting of a lattice of nuclei immersed in a sea of neutrons. We perform a quantum calculation of the associated pairing gap and compare it to the results one obtains in the Local Density Approximation (LDA). It is found that the LDA overestimates the spatial dependence of the(More)
Arguably, the greatest achievement of many–body physics in the fifties was that of developing the tools for a complete description and a thorough understanding of superconductivity in metals. At the basis of it one finds BCS theory and the Josephson effect. The first recognized the central role played by the appearance of a macroscopic coherent field(More)
The influence of particle-phonon coupling on pairing correlations in nuclei is studied by solving the Dyson equation including the anomalous (pairing) Green function. We develop the formalism for solving the equation with the minimum of approximations. The solution of the Dyson equation is compared with the diagonalization of particle-phonon coupled(More)
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