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Gel dosimeters in form of layers have shown noticeable potentiality for in-phantom dose profiling and imaging in BNCT neutron fields. Such dosimeters give the possibility of achieving spatial dose distributions of each dose contribution in neutron fields. The various dose components are separated by means of pixel-to-pixel manipulations of pairs of images(More)
Gamma and fast neutron dose spatial distributions have been measured at the collimator exit of the epithermal neutron beam of LVR-15 reactor (Řež). Measurements were performed by means of optically analyzed Fricke-gel-layer detectors. The separation of the two dose contributions has been achieved by suitable pixel-to-pixel elaboration of the light(More)
A thorough evaluation of the dose inside a specially designed and built facility for extra-corporeal treatment of liver cancer by boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) at the High Flux Reactor (HFR) Petten (The Netherlands) is the necessary step before animal studies can start. The absorbed doses are measured by means of gel dosemeters, which help to(More)
Abstract. Gel dosimeters are integrating dosimeters, that enable dose verification in three dimensions. Optical analysis of gel dosimeters has demonstrated to be an available technique for imaging the absorbed in-phantom dose exposed to radiotherapy beams. The goal is to demonstrate the ability of gel dosimeters to achieve accurately and spatial resolution(More)
Normoxic polymer gel dosimeters are studied, with the aim of achieving a valid and advantageous method for in-phantom 3D dose determinations. Developments were carried out in the application of such dosimetric material to the method based on dosimeter gel layers that has shown good reliability for absorbed dose imaging in radiotherapy. The technique has(More)
A thorax phantom has been designed, consisting of PMMA and PE plates containing a cavity filled with a laboratory-made lung-substitute. Fricke-gel dosimeters have been placed in the lung-substitute volume, and the phantom has been irradiated at the epithermal column of LVR-15 reactor. Absorbed dose images have been obtained for both gamma radiation and(More)
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