E. V. Ulanova

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The article deals with pathogenesis of occupational fluorosis. Clinical studies demonstrated changes in bone mineral density among workers with 15-20 years of service. Experimental studies proved that occupational fluorosis is associated withcalcium dysbalance,bone tissue resorption and calcium washout. Nutriceutics ("Zolotoi shar", "Korallovy kalcii") in(More)
The article presents the results of studies of occupational fluorosis pathogenesis on experimental model of chronic fluoride intoxication (CFI). In early fluoride intoxication, fluoride and calcium in the body are in compensatory relations. Later, they are disturbed. High reaction ability of fluoride in CFI is associated with hypocalciemia which triggers(More)
Experiments on narcotized rats with crush syndrome showed that low resistant animals developed pronounced hypovolemia, hemoconcentration, blood hyperviscosity, impairment of oxygen metabolism, and central and peripheral hemodynamic disturbances, whereas in highly resistant rats the hemodynamics and oxygen supply to tissues were maintained at a sufficient(More)
Anthrasilicosis was experimentally stimulated by inhaled inoculation. Various degrees of morphological changes were detected depending on the time of inoculation and the stage of the pathological process: the changes were early observed in the lung and liver, which became worse by week 12 of inoculation; from week 6 these were in the heart and kidney, which(More)
The article covers study concerning influence of coal rock dust and high fluorine concentrations on energy metabolism and oxidation-reduction reactions in blood WBC of experimental rats. The authors demonstrated that the cells vary in response to long action of coal rock dust and high fluorine concentrations.
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