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AIM To reveal features of rubella epidemic process during start of mass immunization and to determine rubella virus genotypes circulating in Saint-Petersburg. MATERIALS AND METHODS Official data on rubella morbidity during 1995-2007 and number of vaccinated against rubella children and adults were used in this study. During 2006-2008 males aged 17-20(More)
AIM To reveal the specific features of changes in the parameters of lipid peroxidation - antioxidant defense and the status of the reproductive system in women of fertile age with monoinfection (HIV) or coinfection (HIV and hepatitis B and/or C). SUBJECTS AND METHODS 81 reproductive-aged women were examined and divided into 3 groups: 1) 28 apparently(More)
Tn10 and Tn9 from temperature-sensitive replicons RPI::Tn10 Rep is and RP1::Tn9 Rep ts and Tn5 from the "suicidal" vector pSUP5011 may integrate in the P. pseudomallei chromosome. Transposons induced auxotrophic mutations of different spectrum, depending on the strain, Tn element, and defects in the genes responsible for the mobility sign, function of some(More)
In experiments on the shore crab H. sanguineus studies have been made of the effect of variable longitudinal acceleration during swinging (for 15--30 min) upon cardiac activity and gravitational reflexes. High sensitivity of gravitational receptors of the canal statocyst to the effect of acceleration was demonstrated. Removal of the statocysts increases the(More)
In the article analyzed the current literature, devoted to the peculiarities of functioning of the thyroid gland in patients with HIV infection. Based on the analysis of literature data bases demonstrated the structure of thyroid function disorders in HIV-infected, as well as the mechanisms of the pathogenesis of these disorders. In the structure of thyroid(More)
An approach to identifying the effects of different groups of antibiotics (tetracyclines, penicillins, cephalosporins) on the vital activity of lactobacilli by fluorimetry is described. The method is based on measurement of the fluorescence intensity of the intracellular metabolite nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, reduced form (NADH). Different classes of(More)
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