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The lipid composition and structure of low- and high-density lipoproteins (LDL and HDL) have been studied in children with the vitamin D-deficient rachitis. An increase of the cholesterol content in the atherogenic LDL against a background of its decrease in the antiatherogenic HDL has been revealed, that is analogous to the observed changes under the(More)
The primary structure of the muscle aldolase molecule was studied as affected by semilethal doses of valine administered the abdominal cavity of the rabbits after a long fasting. It is established that in spite of differences in the amino acid composition of the protein, uniformity of the peptides distribution in the process of bromo-cyanogen fragments(More)
The enzymic interaction between acetoacetate and glycine which are added outside is established to occur in the tissue homogenates of the liver, kidneys and spleen of rats. The interaction leads to a decrease of the both components in the equivalent quantities. Homogeneous crystalline preparations of the enzyme catalyzing the above mentioned reaction are(More)
Under atherosclerosis the fractions corresponding to alpha-subunits are focused at a more alkaline pH than the same fractions in the norm. The curve of the enzymic activity of the fractions with atherosclerosis is higher. beta-subunits of aldolase from muscles of intact rabbits and those with sclerosis are identical in the amino acidic composition. In the(More)
Differences in the ratio of molecular forms of crystalline glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GPD, EC from sceletal muscle and in their primary structure were found in rabbits with experimental atherosclerosis as compared with normal animals. In atherosclerosis the molecular weight of GPD and of its fragments was increased; the amino acid(More)
Carbostimulin is studied for the effect it exerts on indices of the acid-base equilibrium of blood, content of certain tricarboxylic-cycle metabolites and free amino acids and formation of antibodies in rats. It is established that carbostimulin feeding increases the total carbon dioxide, pyruvate and lactate concentration in blood, the content of ammonium,(More)
Amino acid composition of proteins from antigen preparations of the human heart conduction system has been studied. Differences in amino acid composition and relative affinity of the structure of two groups were found: between the sinus and atrioventricular nodes, the His bundle and contractile myocardium.