E V Savisaar

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The state of the gastric antral and the fundic mucosa was examined by gastroscopic biopsy in randomly selected 16-69-year-old subjects of a rural medical district. Fundic gastritis was found in 45% of the series, being superficial in 25% and atrophic in 20%. Antral gastritis occurred in 68%, being superficial in 39% and atrophic in 29%. The occurrence of(More)
The epidemiology and dynamics of gastritis were studied in a representative sample of an urban population of Estonia. The sample consisted of 227 subjects 15-69 years old who were examined by direct-vision endoscopic biopsy, and the data were subjected to dynamic evaluation by stochastic principles. The prevalence of antral gastritis (64%) was similar to(More)
The occurrence of Helicobacter pylori (HP) was examined in 227 subjects randomly selected among the Estonian population of town Kuressaare. HP was present in 166 subjects (73%). In cases of normal mucosa both in antrum and body HP was lacking. If normal gastric body mucosa was associated with antral gastritis HP was found in both regions. More often the(More)
A bioptical follow-up over 6 years of the status of the antral and body mucosa has been carried out in 81 subjects who formed a part of a random sample of an Estonian rural population. Gastritis in the body mucosa showed an expected progression. In the antral mucosa, on the other hand, progression was seen only in younger subjects, while in those over 50(More)
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