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brain pathology is that of intracranial venous hypertension, which makes therapeutic interventions directed to reducing venous pressure in the brain relevant. Attention is drawn to the major vein of the brain Galen’s vein, which drains into the straight sinus [3]. This vein, a major component of the venous basin of the deep structures of the brain, is(More)
It is impossible to interpret comprehensively the data on soil humus without characterizing ecological conditions for the formation of humic substances. The features of plant cover determine the amount of litterfall, and the rate and direction of plant debris decomposition are determined by the qualitative composition and character of fall input, the(More)
Key part of venous basin of deep structures of the brain is the big vein of the brain (v. cerebri magna Galeni), which actively participates in redistribution of venous blood at heavy venous outflow from the skull cavity. Venous outflow parameters are proved to have tendency to stabilization of venous blood flow. It was tested by reflex influence on the(More)
Specific ecogenetic features of solods in the forest-steppe zone has been studied, and the role of biotic and abiotic factors of soil formation has been estimated. Differentiation of soil horizons with respect to the physical clay fraction accounts for specific features of their moistening, which is reflected in the ratio of strongly and weakly crystallized(More)
The cerebral deep veins hypertension criteria using bloodstream in large cerebral vein (Galen's vein) are worked up. An increase in venous pressure was proved to be connected with congenital and acquired pathology of cervical spine and craniovertebral isthmus. The new roentgenologic sign of pathology located in craniovertebral isthmus is determined. It is(More)
Clinical ultrasonic investigations have shown dependence of blood-stream in spinal epidural venous plexuses on the character of low back spinal diskopathy. The leading starting factor of epiduritis is a disk protrusion or large size hernia. Epiduritis in disscopathy can run a chronic course, become a cause of (or complicate) development of vertebral(More)
Ecological conditions of soil formation and specific features of humus substance formation are considered with regard to urban soils of different types formed in the following functional zones: the park zone, residential area, and sanitary protective zone of the Middle Ural Copper-Smelting Plant. The specificity of soil formation in Revda, a typical(More)
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