E . V . Parfenova

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Progenitor stromal cells derived from adipose tissue (ADSC) and bone marrow (BMDSC) hold great promise for use in the cell-based therapy of ischemic diseases. It was demonstrated that these cells secrete a number of angiogenic cytokines that stimulate vascularization. It was demonstrated that ADSC or BMDSC injected intramuscularly or intravenously into the(More)
The aim of the study was to analyze the prevalence of polymorphism Glu298Asp of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene and C242T p22 phox polymorphism of NADPH oxidase gene in patients with arterial hypertension (AH) and their influence on AH complications. The study included 272 AH patients, average age 50,7 years. The following analyses were performed:(More)
Arterial remodeling is the process of adaptation of the vessel comprising multiple structural and functional alterations of the vascular wall that occur in disease, trauma or aging. Arterial remodeling is accelerated in conditions that adversely affect the structural and functional balance of the vascular system, such as hypertension, atherosclerosis,(More)
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) is a serine protease that converts the plasminogen zymogen into the enzymatically active plasmin. uPA is synthesized and secreted as the single-chain molecule (scuPA) composed of an N-terminal domain (GFD) and kringle (KD) and C-terminal proteolytic (PD) domains. Earlier, the structure of ATF (which consists of GFD(More)
Results of studies of properties of adipose tissue stromal cells are summarized in this review. It contains data on separation and cultivation of these cells as well as description of their antigenic characteristics, ability to differentiate into cells of mesenchymal and nonmesenchymal origin, angiogenic potential, and potential for transfection and(More)
Much effort has been made in searching for multipotent cell types with high therapeutic potentials for repair of damaged tissue. Through enzymatic digestion of fat tissue, it is possible to obtain a large number of stromal cells. Isolated cells show a high proliferate capacity in culture. All this makes adipose stromal cells (ASC) promising candidates for(More)
Urokinase-plasminogen activator (uPA) is a multifunctional fibrinolytic protein activating growth factors, inducing proteolytic cascades, modulating cytokines, regulating receptor shedding, cellular phenotypic modulation and protein expression. These mechanisms underlie the ability of uPA to stimulate the key processes of vascular remodelling,(More)
In cultured fibroblasts, urokinase stimulated expression of MMP-9 and generation of ROS, while antioxidant ebselen abolished the stimulating effect of urokinase on MMP-9 expression. sTNF-α produced similar and more pronounced stimulating effect. The data showed that urokinase could regulate MMP-9 expression via ROS generation in fibroblasts, which can play(More)
The influence of T-cadherin on the pigmentation and proliferation of mouse melanoma B16F10 cells in vitro and on the growth and neovascularization of tumor cell masses formed by the B16F10 cells in a model of the chorioallantoic membrane of a chicken embryo is studied. It is found that the proliferative activity of the cells decreases in the cell culture of(More)