E V Ozirskaia

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At early times (15 min to 6 h) after whole-body gamma-neutron irradiation of mature rats with a dose of 10 Gy reactive changes occur in neurons of the sensimotor cerebral cortex which can be interpreted as a manifestation of the enhancement of functional and metabolic activity of nerve cells followed by inhibition thereof.
As it has been demonstrated in 10-day-old chickens by means of light and electron microscopy, the wall of the anterior mesenteric artery in hens has two well defined smooth muscle layers: longitudinal and circular. The innervation apparatus of this vessel wall consists of 3 plexuses (adventitial, muscular external and internal) which are parts of a single(More)
Histochemical and electron microscopic investigation on dynamics of ultrastructure and adrenergic innervation formation in the wall of the femoral artery and vein, in the mesenteric artery and vein and in the aorta has been performed in 10-20-day-old chick embryos and in chickens during first days of life. In the course of embryogenesis, myoblasts of the(More)
In different parts of the brain (forebrain, midbrain, mesencephalon, nucleus caudatus, cerebellum and medula oblongata) parallel studies have been made on the total activity of AChE in homogenates and the activity of external AChE in slices. It was shown that the share of the external AChE in all brain structures decreases from Cyclostomes to Mammals. The(More)
Light and electron microscopic investigation has been made of the main structural components of the nervous tissue in two divisions of the telencephalon (the dorsal ventricular ridge and striatum) in 10-day chick embryos. Special attention was paid to the degree of maturation of cellular elements of the nervous tissue, the development of neuropil and the(More)