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In different parts of the brain (forebrain, midbrain, mesencephalon, nucleus caudatus, cerebellum and medula oblongata) parallel studies have been made on the total activity of AChE in homogenates and the activity of external AChE in slices. It was shown that the share of the external AChE in all brain structures decreases from Cyclostomes to Mammals. The(More)
Ascending connections of the middle and posterior hypothalamic structures (n. ventromedialis, n. periventricularis arcuatus pars ventralis, n. mammillaris medialis) have been studied in the Emys orbicularis by means of anterograde degeneration and electron microscopic techniques. It has been demonstrated that the hippocampal cortex (its dorsomedial and(More)
At early times (15 min to 6 h) after whole-body gamma-neutron irradiation of mature rats with a dose of 10 Gy reactive changes occur in neurons of the sensimotor cerebral cortex which can be interpreted as a manifestation of the enhancement of functional and metabolic activity of nerve cells followed by inhibition thereof.
By light microscopy (by Nissl and Golgi), electron microscopy, and immunohistochemistry methods, formation of structure of the brain striatum dorsolateral part from birth to the 3-month age was studied in rats submitted to acute hypoxia at the period of embryogenesis. It has been established that hypoxia at the 13.5th day (E13.5) leads to a delay of(More)
Light and electron microscopic studies have been made of the nervous tissue in three parts of the tecto-thalamo-telencephalic visual system--i.e. tectum opticum, nucleus rotundus of thalamus and ectostriatum of telencephalon--of 13-day chick embryos. Neuroblasts and neurones at various stages of differentiation were described together with various types of(More)