E. V. Kulish

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The frequency of the polymorphic variant T196C (Leu33Pro, rs5918) of ITGB3 gene was studied in several groups of inhabitants of Siberia, including women with reproductive disorders (n = 186), patients with acute coronary syndrome (n = 330), and population control (n = 858). The frequency of the rare PLA2 allele among residents of Tomsk and Kemerovo was(More)
The calcineurin signaling pathway plays a crucial role in the heart remodeling of a different nature, in the development of left ventricular dilatation, and in the progression of heart failure. Components of the calcineurin pathway are involved in the regulation of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, angiogenesis, and apoptosis. In this study, quantitative(More)
The distribution of the allele and genotype frequency for the TOMM40 gene polymorphic variants rs741780, rs157580, rs1160985, rs2075650, and rs8106922 was analyzed in a sampling of ethnic Russians from the city of Kemerovo. The study of the structure of linkage disequilibrium in terms of five studied polymorphic variants showed the presence of a haplotype(More)
Comorbidity or a combination of several diseases in the same individual is a common and widely investigated phenomenon. However, the genetic background for non-random disease combinations is not fully understood. Modern technologies and approaches to genomic data analysis enable the investigation of the genetic profile of patients burdened with several(More)
Calcineurin pathway plays the critical role in the cardiac remodeling of various origin, development of chambers dilatation and progression of heart failure. Components of calcineurin pathway are involved in myocardium hypertrophy regulation, angiogenesis and apoptosis. Results of quantitative expression profiling study of main calcineurin pathway genes(More)
AIM to study associations of polymorphic genetic variants of inflammatory response, endothelial function, lipid metabolism, and blood coagulation with impaired renal function in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). MATERIAL AND METHODS We enrolled in the study 171 patients admitted to the Kemerovo Cardiology Dispensary within 24 hours(More)
The variability of potentially important functional polymorphic variants rs2069705 (5'UTR of the IFNG gene), rs17880053 (near 5'UTR of the IFNGR2), rs11126176 (LOC100287361 pseudogene), and rs804271 (near 5'UTR of the NEIL2 gene) was characterized in representatives of four ethnic groups living in the Siberian region. These ethnic groups included three(More)
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