E. V. Kozhevnikova

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In the early months of life, infants acquire information about the phonetic properties of their native language simply by listening to adults speak. The acoustic properties of phonetic units in language input to young infants in the United States, Russia, and Sweden were examined. In all three countries, mothers addressing their infants produced(More)
Natural categorization of stimuli with different delay of amplitude jump was observed. No training was necessary for discrimination of stimuli with and without onset irregularity. The variance of identification functions between subjects was the same as the variance of identification functions for one subject measured in different days.
Perception of natural sounds of approaching and moving away footsteps was studied. Footsteps are sequences of low-frequency noise bursts separated by short pauses. "Loudness" of bursts in sequences estimated as approaching steps was irregularly increasing, "loudness" in sequences estimated as moving away steps was irregularly decreasing. The irregularity(More)
The immunization of mice with the protein fraction of B. pertussis strain 305 has made it possible to obtain hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies to B. pertussis antigens. Ascitic fluids containing monoclonal antibodies react in the ELISA in high titers and actively agglutinate B. pertussis strains 305 and 475.
Experiments on guinea pigs demonstrated that preliminary injection of polycatan (standardized magnesium solution containing the mineral bischofite) into the parotid region by means of electrophoresis reduces the ototoxic effect of the aminoglycoside antibiotic kanamycin. Polycatan prevents kanamycin-induced degenerative changes of the hair cells found in(More)
The tumorigenic capacity of mouse B-cell hybridomas in both cloned and primary cultures was studied. The cells were selected for inoculation from 24-well plates and introduced into the spleen of syngeneic mice. The cells took in 50% of the animals. The cells of hybridoma tumors induced as the result of intrasplenic inoculation, when subcultured in the(More)
The heterogeneity of the population of B. pertussis laboratory strains with respect to the capacity of individual clones to lyse erythrocytes has been established. The complete or partial reduction of the antigens under study in nonhemolytic bacteria has been shown. The use of hemolytic cultures for the preparation of acellular pertussis vaccine makes it(More)
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