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To correct the state of the lung surfactant system there has been employed an inhalation administration of choline chloride, 3 to 5 ml 20% solution once daily for 7 to 10 days. Those dust bronchitis patients who received conventional treatment served as control. The obstructive syndrome has been shown to be alleviated by the above-named drug. There was also(More)
Healthy coal miners exposed to dust demonstrate the activated synthesis and secretion of surfactant on the alveolar surface, which is and act of defence and is aimed at prevention of the harmful effect of dust on the lung tissue. This idea is proved by the changes in biochemical parameters, such as increase of phospholipids in alveolar lavage and decrease(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY establishing a relationship between the condition of the pulmonary surfactant and external respiration function in Donbass coal miners with initial and advanced forms of dust-induced lung pathology. One of the early manifestations of lung pathology in miners is increased synthesis and secretion of the surfactant on the alveolar surface with(More)
Surface activity and biochemical composition of pulmonary surfactant was studied in patients with anthracosilicosis and chronic dust-induced bronchitis. Significant impairment was found of surface-active properties of the surfactant during the course of development of the above conditions but different functional state of the pulmonary surfactant system(More)
There have been established opposite reactions in the cardiovascular system during formation of dust-induced pathology of lungs: a common finding in patients with pneumoconiosis is alterations in the left heart, while in chronic dust bronchitis the same is true of the right heart. In the authors' opinion, different states of pulmonary surfactant in the(More)
  • E V Korzh
  • Meditsina truda i promyshlennaia ekologiia
  • 1998
In experimental pneumoconiosis both under normal and heating ambient temperature lipid peroxidation is not activated, although heating microclimate increases alteration of lung tissue and induces rapid and intensive pulmonary fibrosis. Association of dust and heating microclimate prolongs a period of "stress" myocardial affliction due to intensified lipid(More)
It was studied the relation between activities of ferments an antioxidant system: of superoxide dismutase, catalase and GSH-peroxidase in the homogenates of livers, lungs and cerebrum of intact rats. When activities were brought to identical units of measurement, it was determined that relation of activities can see with a point to view of chemical kinetics(More)
Using a model of experimental pneumoconiosis in albino rats, induced by breathing in a rock dust, we attempted correction of the pulmonary surfactant system, for which purpose we tried choline chloride as a drug preparation. The action of the above drug was found out to be depended upon the moment of its administration and time during which it is being(More)
Chronic dust bronchitis in miners is associated with increase in dynamic surface tension of blood at short (t = 0.01 s) and medium (t = 1 s) surface lifetimes with lower declination angle of interphase tensiograms curve. Surface tension disorders were similar to those in experimental dust bronchitis. There are correlations between surface tension parameters(More)