E. V. Ignat'eva

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A new approach, SiteGA, for the prediction of functional transcription factor binding sites has been developed. The approach is based on the detection of locally positioned dinucleotides by the genetic algorithm and discriminant analysis. The approach has been applied to recognize transcription factor binding sites involved in the regulation of immune(More)
The SF-1 (Steroidogenic Factor-1) is a transcription factor known as a key regulator of the steroidogenic gene expression. SF-1 is required for the development and functioning at all levels of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal and adrenal axis. Also it plays an essential role in sex determination. SF-1 is a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily and it(More)
Key aspects of gene transcription regulation in multicellular organisms, including the characteristics of their promoters, transcription-factor binding sites, and composition elements are reviewed. The functional role of transcription regulatory proteins (basal factors and regulatory transcription factors), and the mechanisms responsible for regulation of(More)
1. The administration of thymosin (fraction 5) to mice in a dose of 1 μg/mouse leads after 3 h to an increase in the level of corticosterone in the blood. 2. The preliminary administration of a blocker of ACTH secretion, dexamethasone, suppresses the effect of thymosin on the adrenals. 3. When tactivin was administered in doses of 0.1, 0.5, and 2.5(More)
The optimum ratio of isomers (1)/(2) in lysomustin is 3 : 1 [1]. The industrial drug quality standard [2] restricts the content of technological impurities in drugs. By technological (or specific) impurities are meant foreign compounds appearing in the course of production and/or storage of a given drug. The maximum permissible levels of technological(More)
The influence of the thymic hormone, not imported preparation, taktivin, on the corticosterone production by the mouse (females, BALB/c) isolated adrenocortical cells was investigated. Taktivin (0.08 and 2 micrograms/ml) reliably decreased corticosterone production by the intact cells. After stimulation of the cells by the adrenocorticotropin, the(More)
The search for new antitumor agents among the complex compounds of platinum is important since the discovery of a high antitumor activity of cisplatin. Implemented into clinical practice in the 1970s, cisplatin significantly increased the possibilities of chemotherapy for the treatment of various oncological disorders [1, 2]. At present, cisplatin is(More)
Development of methods for mathematical simulation of biological systems and building specific simulations is an important trend of bioinformatics development. Here we describe the method of generalized chemokinetic simulation generating flexible and adequate simulations of various biological systems. Adequate simulations of complex nonlinear gene(More)