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AIM To assess effects of epiphysial hormone melatonin in various dose regimens on ADP-induced aggregation of platelets in patients with bronchial asthma (BA). Correlations with urine levels of 6-sulphatoxymelatonin (6-SOMT), basic melatonin metabolite, were made. MATERIALS AND METHODS Melatonin was given to 17 patients with mild or moderate BA and 16(More)
The expression of melatonin in nasal polyps versus the histological structure of tissue was studied in 11 patients with aspirin-induced asthma (AIA), 8 patients with asthma without aspirin intolerance, 13 patients with polypous rhinosinusopathy (PR) without bronchopulmonary diseases, and 10 apparently healthy individuals without nasal polyposis. The(More)
Clinical trails of Befnorin based on the human recombinant TNF-beta elaborated at the Research Design and Technology Institute of Biologically Active Substances, "Vector" State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, were carried out on healthy volunteers in compliance with a decision passed by the Committee of Medical and Immunobiological(More)
Upon comparison of functional activity of platelets and their response to aspirin in 20 subjects with aspirin bronchial asthma, 19 patients with non-aspirin bronchial asthma and 21 healthy controls it was found out that in aspirin asthma platelet count is elevated, their response to aggregation inductors enhances while to aspirin is abnormal, plasmic(More)
The following bronchial provocation tests were carried out: 310 with acetylcholine, 216 with submaximal physical exercise, 246 with cold air inhalation, and 103 with aspirin in healthy subjects, relatives of bronchial asthma patients, in patients with preasthma and asthma in a stage of exacerbation abatement or remission. Based on the data obtained the(More)
The analysis of case history, clinical, laboratory and instrumental findings, objectively characterizing the patient's condition in two alternative groups (nonaspirin and aspirin bronchial asthma) enabled the authors to create a functional diagnostic model for aspirin bronchial asthma. The model-based computer program designed by the authors can perform(More)
The aim of the investigation was to study melatonin production in thrombocytes and their functional activity in correlation with 6-sulfatoximelatonin (6-SOM) urinary excretion in patients with aspirin-induced bronchial asthma (AIBA). Forty-three patients with bronchial asthma (BA) were examined. The main group consisted of 26 AIBA patients; the comparison(More)
AIM To study changes in immune system of patients with various forms of chronic bronchitis (CB) and neurocirculatory asthenia (NCA). MATERIAL AND METHODS Neurological and immunological examinations were made in 84 patients with CB exacerbation and 51 control subjects. RESULTS It was found that 60% of CB patients had NCA. No negative effects of NCA on(More)