E. V. Dmitriev

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The paper represents some results of a joint commission, organized by the USSR Ministry of Health by order of the USSR Council of Ministers at public requests. The commission worked in the area neighbouring the proving ground at Semipalatinsk in the period of May-July 1988. A radiological situation there was investigated after underground nuclear testing on(More)
It is known that one of the main mechanisms involved in regulating the rates of metabolic processes in cell membranes is the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids of the phospholipids lipid peroxidation (LPO) [5, 6, 15]. Virtually any disease is accompanied by a change in the regulation of LPO, a disruption of the structure and function of the lipid(More)
Using atomic emission spectrometry and EPR analysis metal-ligand homeostasis (MLH) has been studied in epidermal cells of 954 liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and 947 healthy individuals. A possible association of the redox status with the quantitative changes in the MLH, which could be used as discriminators of oxidative/nitrosative stress, attracts(More)
The influence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on structural and functional condition of membranes T- and B-lymphocytes of human blood is investigated. It is shown, that intergral flow of UV-light (240-390 nm) in doses 151-1359 J/m2 leads to the increase of the expression of some HLA-antigen (DR1, DR2, DR5, DR7) and Fc-receptors on membranes of B-lymphocytes.(More)
High molecular weight compounds find wide application at the present time in modern medicine as raw materials for the preparation of instruments, sanitation articles, materials for stomatology, medicaments, blood substitutes, and for producing artificial organs [4, 9]. Prostheses of the latter present the science with several problems, the most important(More)
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