E V Barnat

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The purpose of the collaborative effort between the University of Wisconsin (JP Sheehan) and Sandia National Laboratories (Ed Barnat and Brandon Weatherford) was to make electrostatic probe and Laser-Collisional Induced Fluorescence (LCIF) measurements of the sheath surrounding a planar electron emitting surface to test JP's theory of the emissive sheath(More)
A one-dimensional kinetic theory of sheaths surrounding planar, electron-emitting surfaces is presented which accounts for plasma electrons lost to the surface and the temperature of the emitted electrons. It is shown that ratio of plasma electron temperature to emitted electron temperature significantly affects the sheath potential when the plasma electron(More)
X-Ray Reflectivity provides a non-destructive technique for measuring density in thin films. A conventional laboratory, Bragg-Brentano-geometry diffractometer was employed to show the generalized feasibility of this technique. X-ray tubes with Cr, Cu and MO targets were used to provide a large overlap of energies for density fitting. X-Ray tube alignment(More)
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