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Production of Elastase by Pathogenic and Non‐Pathogenic Fungi
Many yeasts, dermatophytes as well as moulds liberate hydrolytic enzymes into the growth medium. The enzymes may serve the fungus by different ways, e. g., they cause chemical and physical changes inExpand
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Production of elastase, urease and sulphatase by Epidermophyton floccosum (Harz) Langeron et Milochevitch (1930)
The production of elastase, urease and sulphatase by the primary isolations as well as by subsequent transfer cultures of Epidermophyton floccosum was studied. The granular culture did not produceExpand
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Staining with diazonium-blue B as an aid in the yeast diagnostic.
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Candida sonckii sp. nov.
A new yeast species with basidiomycetous affinities is described as Candida sonckii Hopsu-Havu et al. It differs from C. fujisanensis and C. maris by growing with KNO3 as nitrogen source, from C.Expand
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Candida slooffii in human ventricle – A case report
The authors describe a 48‐years‐old female patient from whose ventricular fluid Candida slooffii was cultured. The patient suffered in 1971 from gastrointestinal troubles eliminated by Nystatin andExpand