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INTRODUCTION The objective of this study was to determine whether dental calcification can be used as a first-level diagnostic tool for assessment of skeletal maturity. METHODS A total of 150 healthy subjects (79 boys, 71 girls; mean age, 12.19 ± 2.03 years; range, 8-16 years) were enrolled in the study. Dental maturity was assessed through the(More)
A novel probe was developed from genomic DNA ofHelicobacter pylori ATCC type strain 43629. Ithybridized with all 73 H. pylori clinical isolatestested but not with any of 183 non-H. pylori DNAs in dot blot hybridization. Typing tests revealed 41different HaeIII-digestion patterns from 57 H. pyloristrains tested. Based on the sequence of the probe, anested(More)
Although it is fairly well accepted that Helicobacter pylori infection plays a significant role in causing gastric cancer, the exact mechanisms involved in its pathogenesis are unclear. We have examined the relationship between H. pylori infection and oncogene expression in different stages of disease progression from precursor lesions to gastric carcinoma.(More)
We have previously reported a high prevalence of H. pylori DNA in saliva. In this study, the cytotoxin genotypes of H. pylori strains from both stomach and saliva were compared in 31 patients with gastritis and peptic ulcer. The cagA, vacA m1, vacA m2, and vacA s1 genotypes were analyzed by PCR. The 417 bp PCR products from three patients were also(More)
Contrary to what the name implies, the left atrial appendage is increasingly becoming an organ of clinical importance. Its role in the pathogenesis of thromboembolism is now well established. Enlargement of the appendage due to haemodynamic disturbances or anatomic weakness increases this risk, along with the potential for arrhythmia. We report a rare case(More)
We have compared two gastric string tests forobtaining gastric juice for culture of Helicobacterpylori and for nested-PCR detection and PCR-basedcombined single- and double-stranded conformationalpolymorphism (SDSCP) discrimination of infecting strains.String test specimens were obtained from oneseropositive volunteer for 13 consecutive weeks. Thedistal 10(More)
Left-ventricular non-compaction may be isolated or associated with other cardiac or noncardiac anomalies. Left-ventricular non-compaction associated with left ventricular diverticulum is very rare. We describe a 30 year-old pregnant woman with a long standing diagnosis of biventricular non-compaction in whom a hidden left ventricular apical diverticulum was(More)
This is a study on associated postural activities during the anticipatory segments of a multijoint movement. Several previous studies have shown that they are task dependant. The previous studies, however, have mostly been limited in demonstrating the presence of modulation for one task condition, that is, one aspect such as the distance of the target or(More)