E Theresa Schuy

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BACKGROUND Gain-of-function mutations of the nociceptive voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.7 lead to inherited pain syndromes, such as paroxysmal extreme pain disorder (PEPD). One characteristic of these mutations is slowed fast-inactivation kinetics, which may give rise to resurgent sodium currents. It is long known that toxins from Anemonia sulcata, such(More)
Infusion of the chemotherapeutic agent oxaliplatin leads to an acute and a chronic form of peripheral neuropathy. Acute oxaliplatin neuropathy is characterized by sensory paresthesias and muscle cramps that are notably exacerbated by cooling. Painful dysesthesias are rarely reported for acute oxaliplatin neuropathy, whereas a common symptom of chronic(More)
When free DHEA, its sulfatide,and sulfate were assayed in maternal plasma as well as in umbilical cord arterial and venous plasma, rather high concentrations were found in either fraction from cord arterial plasma, reflecting the fetal contribution not only of free DHEA and DHEA sulfate, but also of the lipophile steroid sulfatide. Since high DHEA levels(More)
Tagen vor dem intrauterinen Fruchttod war nicht hinreichend deutlich, um die Sc~hwangerschaft zu beenden. Die fibrigen Oberwachungsmethoden ergaben keinen Hinweis auf die hochgradige Geffihrdung des Feten. Nach unseren Ergebnissen hat sich die engmaschige Kontrolle (ggf. mehrere Proben eines Tages) der Konzentration des freien SerumSstriols zur Uberwachung(More)
When total DHEA, G-6-PDH activity, and c-AMP were determined in human neoplastic mammary tissue and corresponding normal tissue the G-6-PDH activity in the former tissue greatly exceeded that found in normal tissue. On the other hand, a remarkable decrease of total DHEA and c-AMP could be detected in cancer tissue, hinting at the participation of DHEA in(More)
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