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BACKGROUND There is a limited range of treatments for severe atopic dermatitis (AD). Azathioprine has often been used but there has been no randomized controlled trial of this drug to confirm its efficacy in AD. OBJECTIVES To establish or refute the efficacy of azathioprine in severe AD. To investigate the safety and tolerability of azathioprine in this(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the efficacy and tolerability of borage oil, which contains a high concentration of gamma linolenic acid, in children and adults with atopic eczema. DESIGN Single centre, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel group trial. SETTING Acute district general hospital in Nuneaton, England. PARTICIPANTS 151 patients, of(More)
BACKGROUND The value of folate supplementation in methotrexate (MTX)-treated patients remains controversial. OBJECTIVES To determine the effect of folic acid (FA) on the efficacy of MTX and the frequency of side-effects associated with MTX therapy. METHODS A 12-week double-blind clinical trial was conducted in patients with psoriasis stable on their(More)
BACKGROUND Montelukast is an antagonist of cys-leukotriene receptors used mainly in the treatment of asthma- and seasonal-allergic rhinitis. Initial reports concerning the use of montelukast in atopic dermatitis (AD) have been encouraging, although not consistent. OBJECTIVES We have undertaken a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled(More)
ABSTRACT Total talus dislocation is a rare injury and is commonly accompanied by associated fractures. Common worrisome sequelae are infection, avascular necrosis and post-traumatic arthritis. We report here on a patient who sustained an open total talus dislocation with an ipsilateral medial malleolus fracture. Following early debridement, reduction and a(More)
METHODS We analyzed one-year follow-up data of 912 patients (120 women) who entered a randomized clinical drug trial. All patients received vein grafts; in 494 patients (56 women) internal mammary artery (IMA) grafts were also used. Graft patency was assessed by coronary angiography at one year. Primary clinical end points were myocardial infarction,(More)
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