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Porcine transgenic cloning has potential applications for improving production traits and for biomedical research purposes. To produce a transgenic clone, kidney fibroblasts from a newborn Guangxi Bama mini-pig were isolated, cultured, and then transfected with red and green fluorescent protein genes using lipofectamine for nuclear transfer. The results of(More)
C-kit positive (c-kit(+)) cells are usual tissue-specific stem cells. However, in postnatal testis, undifferentiated spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) are c-kit negative (c-kit(-)) and activation of c-kit represents the start of SSC differentiation, leaving an intriguing question whether other c-kit(+) cells exist and participate in the postnatal development(More)
The electrophoretic mobilities and thermal melting properties of self complementary A-T containing dodecamer oligodeoxyribonucleotides have been investigated as a function of solution conditions. The oligomers contained tracts of nonalternating A-T base pairs of 2 (d(A2T2)3), 3 (d(A3T3)2), and 6 (d(A6T6] as well as the fully alternating (d(A-T)6) sequence.(More)
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