E. T. Koufogiannis

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In most integral image analysis and processing tasks, accurate knowledge of the internal image structure is required. In this paper we present a robust framework for the accurate rectification of perspectively distorted integral images based on multiple line segment detection. The use of multiple line segments increases the overall fault tolerance of our(More)
Nowadays a plethora of three-dimensional (3D) systems claim users' increasing preference for delivering 3D content. In recent years an increasing number of systems utilize autostereoscopic techniques and hence provide glasses free viewing and adequate resolutions in full color. In addition certain autostereoscopic techniques like Integral Imaging provide(More)
There are many different three-dimensional (3D) techniques to capture and deliver autostereoscopic 3D content. A promising technique that provides two-dimensional parallax as well as high-quality, full-color 3D content is integral imaging (InI). Misalignments between the lens arrays (LAs) and the camera charged coupled device, however, introduce geometric(More)
Nowadays a number of different three-dimensional (3D) systems compete in the field of capturing and delivering autostereoscopic (ASt) 3D content. Integral Imaging (InI) is a promising ASt technique that provides both horizontal and vertical parallax as well as high quality realistic 3D content. In this work we propose an InI preprocessing method for(More)
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