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It is a well-known phenomenon that cerebral blood flow is coupled to neural activation induced by non-noxious somatosensory stimulation. However, basic questions related to pain-induced cerebral blood flow changes remain unanswered. In the present study, the sciatic nerve of anesthetized rats was subjected to electric stimulation with noxious and(More)
OBJECTIVE High CO2 sensitivity is one of the major characteristics of the cerebrovascular bed. It has been shown to be influenced by many differrent factors (eg, sex hormones). DESIGN The effect of ovariectomy and subsequent female sexual hormone treatment on the steady-state hemispheric cerebral blood volume and CO2 responsiveness of the hemispheric(More)
The effect of somatosensory pain on the total cerebral blood volume was investigated in anesthetized rats. Our results show for the first time that total cerebral blood volume remains unaltered in both brain hemispheres during 2.5 min noxious stimulation of the sensory C-fibres of the sciatic nerve. Regional cerebral blood flow was increased by 97% in the(More)
OBJECTIVES The consequences of female sex hormone deficiency and the effects of hormone replacement therapy are controversial because individual hormones and their derivates can result in partially antagonistic activities. This intricate system involving cerebral autoregulatory mechanisms caused by ovariectomy and female sex hormone replacement was studied(More)
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