E Susana Perez de Ortiz

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A speculative study on the conditions under which phase inversion occurs in agitated liquid-liquid dispersions is conducted using a Monte Carlo technique. The simulation is based on a stochastic model, which accounts for fundamental physical processes such as drop deformation, breakup, and coalescence, and utilizes the minimization of interfacial energy as(More)
The drainage of the intervening continuous phase film between two drops approaching each other at constant velocity under the influence of insoluble surfactant is investigated. The mathematical model to be solved is a coupled pair of fourth-order nonlinear partial differential equations which arise from the relationships governing the evolution of the film(More)
Composite particles have been made by combining nanosized polymer particles with magnetite microparticles using a ball-mill process. The magnetite particle cores were included to facilitate the composite particles separation by use of a magnetic field. Polymer particles carried carboxylic groups as ion-exchange vehicles. The composite particles were used in(More)
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