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Signaling in the elicitation process is mediated through the octadecanoid pathway leading to jasmonic acid.
Fungal cell walls and fragments thereof (elicitors) induce the formation of low and high molecular weight defense compounds in plant cell suspension cultures. This induced synthesis requires a signalExpand
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Effect of combined B1 and B2 kinin receptor blockade in porcine endotoxin shock.
In order to investigate the contribution of kinin receptor antagonism in the treatment of LPS-induced shock we conducted a randomized study with anaesthetized piglets. Before randomization theExpand
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B1 kinin receptor activity in pigs is associated with pre-existing infection.
Bradykinin (BK) and related kinins are potent inflammatory mediators produced during acute and chronic inflammation. The effects of these kinins are mediated via the stimulation of either a B2 or aExpand
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