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Nine endodontic instruments from different manufacturers (Reamers, K-files, Hedstrom files, K-Flex files, Flexofiles, S-files, Burns Unifiles, Flexicut files and Flex-R files) were used to prepare 180 simulated root canals in resin blocks. The instrument's ability to reproduce a theoretical pre-established ideal canal shape was assessed by comparing the(More)
Six different types of root canal instruments have been tested in vitro for alterations of the original shape of the canal during the manual preparation of curved root canals. Blocks of transparent Plexiglas with simulated curved canals were prepared using a modified conical canal preparation method. The alterations were documented with the aid of(More)
Sound level measurements and third octave analyses were carried out to estimate the risk of hearing impairment caused by working the turbine drills. Idling noise of two turbines equipped with ball-bearings and air-bearings respectively and the effects of different burs under varying load conditions in particular were examined. Finally, the background sound(More)
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