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A comparison of physical properties has been made between conventional intraoral films and images made with the RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) system, a unit based on the charged coupled device. The RVG system uses considerably reduced levels of radiation to produce an image immediately after exposure. RVG resolution is slightly lower than that with silver halide(More)
Unlike manual and electric toothbrushes, the brush head of the Interplak instruments remains stationary while ten tufts of bristle rotate. The efficacy of this new system was evaluated in comparison to a conventional electric toothbrush (Braun dental d3). When used for the first time the Interplak instrument proved to be more effective in reducing plaque.(More)
If the labial surfaces of a baker's teeth are attacked by caries, this will be accepted to be a result of his occupation by German laws, although it is only based on suppositions. The results of our investigations showed, however, that bakers do not have more caries of this pattern than the rest of the population. The DMFS-score, on the other hand, is(More)
Nine endodontic instruments from different manufacturers (Reamers, K-files, Hedstrom files, K-Flex files, Flexofiles, S-files, Burns Unifiles, Flexicut files and Flex-R files) were used to prepare 180 simulated root canals in resin blocks. The instrument's ability to reproduce a theoretical pre-established ideal canal shape was assessed by comparing the(More)