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Mammalian cells (V79-379A) in suspension culture rendered chronically hypoxic showed greater resistance to Adriamycin than exponentially growing aerobic cells. Resistance to Adriamycin increased as a function of the time cells were held under hypoxic conditions, with maximal resistance after 6 h. Chronically hypoxic cells retained their resistance when(More)
After few seconds, a figure steadily presented in peripheral vision becomes perceptually filled-in by its background, as if it "disappeared". We report that directing attention to the color, shape, or location of a figure increased the probability of perceiving filling-in compared to unattended figures, without modifying the time required for filling-in.(More)
Creation of Expert Systems in long established Engineering Companies can pose many difficulties. The Company's information is usually dispersed widely, and exists in many formats for different purposes. Engineers have limited time to communicate with Knowledge Engineers and sometimes misperceive the kind of information sought. Common ground can be(More)
BACKGROUND To examine immunisation information needs of teenagers we explored understandings of vaccination and vaccine-preventable diseases, attitudes towards immunisation and experiences of immunisation. Diseases discussed included nine for which vaccines are currently offered in the UK (human papillomavirus, meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria, polio,(More)
THE hyperthermia response of chronically hypoxic cells has been investigated by Most studies have shown that hypoxic cells are at least as heat-sensitive as oxic cells. However, Bass et al. (1978) found slight protection to hyperthermic damage when HeLa cells were exposed to hypoxia for 4 h before heating. We are currently examining the effect of the degree(More)
The cytotoxicity of three platinum complexes, cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) (cis-platin), cis-dichloro-trans-dihydroxy-cis-bis (isopropylamine) platinum(IV), (CHIP) and diammine (1, 1-cyclobutane-dicarboxylato) platinum(II) (carboplatin) on Chinese Hamster ovary (CHO) and mouse sarcoma RIF-1 cells cultured in vitro has been compared. The tumour cell line(More)
Pre-treatment of hypoxic cells with misonidazole (MISO) can render these cells more sensitive to a subsequent treatment with melphalan. Results in this paper show that this enhancement (or chemopotentiation) depends on the contact time and concentration of MISO, on the melphalan concentration and also on the cultural history of the cells. Damage due to(More)
Seventy patients with Hodgkin's disease have been treated with a combination of chlorambucil, vinblastine, procarbazine and prednisolone (Ch1VPP). The complete remission rate of 75-7% compares well with that produced by other combinations. The combination is non-toxic, easily administered and can be given safely to outpatients. Its main advantage is that it(More)