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D-cycloserine, a partial agonist at the strichnine-insensitive glycine site of the NMDA receptor complex, was tested as adjuvant treatment to conventional neuroleptics in chronic schizophrenic volunteers. The drug was administered, o.a.d., at the daily dose of 250 mg for six weeks. Mental status outcome measures were completed at the end of each week of(More)
Five healthy volunteers were treated orally with lithium carbonate, sulphate, or chloride. There were no significant differences in area under time-concentration curves, half-lives, total body clearance or apparent distribution volumes between the various salts, either in plasma or in the RBC compartment. The carbonate salt did show a higher RBC/plasma(More)
Among ten bipolar depressed patients admitted to our psychiatric ward, five patients were treated with fluoxetine alone and five subjects were treated with fluoxetine in association with total sleep deprivation (TSD) in order to evaluate the effect of the interaction between the administration of the serotonergic antidepressant compound fluoxetine and(More)
The recurrence rates during lithium preventive treatment were investigated in a sample of 270 Mood Disorder subjects subdivided according to their onset time for lithium prophylaxis as very early (within 5 years from the onset of illness), early (6–10 years), late (11–20 years) and very late (more than 21 years). 131 subjects of the sample followed for 4(More)
Therapy decision is one of the most important tasks clinicians have to perform in their clinical practice. The decision process requires taking into account many different factors. The Authors have proposed a neural computing approach for supporting clinical decision analysis. The mathematical model of artificial neural network (ANN) has been applied on a(More)
The hypothesis is examined that heteroxygosity for amino acid disorders (AAD) is a genetic component of susceptibility for schizophrenic psychoses. To detect possible heterozygotes, urinary and blood amino acid levels were analyzed in a sample of subjects with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and in their biological parents and compared with those of a sample(More)
We assessed the safety and therapeutic efficacy of bromperidol decanoate in a six-month open trial on 21 patients (13 males and 8 females), mean age 41.3 years, who were no longer in the acute phase and were being treated as outpatients. The recommended initial dosage was 150 mg bromperidol (one 3 ml ampoule), and this did not in fact have to be increased(More)
Plasma renin activity (PRA), both in supine and standing position, was investigated in primary and secondary depressed patients. After orthostatic stimulation (standing position) primary depressed patients showed PRA values significantly lower than did those with secondary depression. The authors stress the importance of the peripheral sympathetic system in(More)
The effects of short-term lithium (Li) administration on α2-adrenoceptor sensitivity was studied in 10 healthy volunteers and in 15 patients with normothymic, phasic depressive disorders. The GH-clonidine test was used to examine α2-adrenoceptor sensitivity, administered before and after Li treatment (600 mg/day for 7 days in controls and for 15 days in(More)
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