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We report the fabrication of low-loss amorphous silicon photonic wires deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Single mode photonic wires were fabricated by 193nm optical lithography and dry etching. Propagation loss measurements show a loss of 3.46dB/cm for photonic wires (480×220nm) and 1.34dB/cm for ridge waveguides.
This paper gives some insights in the applications where PECVD nitrides can be introduced to replace the LPCVD layers and how the process parameters need to be varied to obtain the desired properties. Film properties like stress, hydrogen content, wet etch rate and deposition rate are reported. The nitrides are optimized for specific applications and(More)
The preparation of layers of amorphous Se by plasma-enhanced CVD using the hydride H2Se as precursor gas is described. Using a mixture of 15 vol.% H2Se in H,, partly crystallized films were obtained. Information wn&g the structure of the films was obtained fiom Raman spectroscopy. The spectra of amorphous Se i n d i d that the dominant molecular structure(More)
We describe plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition for decomposing a mixture of two gaseous hydrides, GeH4 and H2S or H2Se, to yield layers of amorphous GexS1, and GexSel, We discuss the influence of the gas ratios and the deposition conditions (pressure, rf power input) on the chemical composition and homogeneity of the films. For Ge-Se samples, the(More)
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