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In earlier publications we have reported the results of our investigations on humans during the JarischHerxheimer reaction (J-H reaction) (Skog and Gudjonsson, 1966; Gudjonsson and Skog, 1968a). Wehave also tried to induce the J-H reaction in syphilitic rabbits with penicillin (Gudjonsson and Skog, 1968b), but in no case did such a reaction occur. In the(More)
p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) from 0.2 mg to 1.6 mg in water or in petrolatum was applied as a patch test to 501 patients with different dermatoses, asthma, hay fever, and venereal diseases. Of these patients 10.6% reacted within the first five days indicating previous hypersensitivity and 14.4% between the sixth and the 16th day indicating the initiation of(More)