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The potential of emotional interaction between human and computer has recently interested researchers in human–computer interaction. The instructional impact of this interaction in learning environments has not been established, however. This study examined the impact of emotion and gender of a pedagogical agent as a learning companion (PAL) on social(More)
OBJECTIVE Hyperglycemia induces reactive oxygen species (ROS) and apoptosis in cardiomyocytes, which contributes to diabetic cardiomyopathy. The present study was to investigate the role of Rac1 in ROS production and cardiomyocyte apoptosis during hyperglycemia. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Mice with cardiomyocyte-specific Rac1 knockout (Rac1-ko) were(More)
Mitigating frustration is important within computer-based learning contexts. In this experimental study where participants were purposefully frustrated, the interface agent message (apologetic, empathetic, or silent) was manipulated to investigate its impact on student attitude toward the task, attitude toward the agent, and attribution toward the cause of(More)
meta-Cleavage product (MCP) hydrolases (EC can catalyze a specific C–C bond fission during the microbial aerobic degradation of aromatics. The previous studies on structure–function relationship of MCP hydrolases mainly focus on the active site residues by site-directed mutagenesis. However, the information about the role of the non-active-site(More)
Designer support is critical for facilitating collaboration and knowledge construction in an online learning environment. Designer support in this paper refers to the mechanisms that a designer builds in a technology-mediated environment to facilitate online learning. This paper focuses on two aspects of designer support: 1) creating a shared context, and(More)
This paper describes a two-part study of animated affective agents that varied by affective state (positive or evasive) and motivational support (present or absent). In the first study, all four conditions significantly improved learning; however, only three conditions significantly improved math self-efficacy, the exception being the animated agent with(More)
Glomerular mesangial cells (MCs) hypertrophy is one of the earliest pathological abnormalities in diabetic nephropathy (DN), which correlates with eventual glomerulosclerosis. This study aimed to investigate the therapeutic role of miRNA in diabetic glomerular MCs hypertrophy and synthesis of extracellular matrix (ECM). Microarray analysis revealed a(More)
Acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) ultrasound imaging technique is used to quantitatively evaluate the elasticity of rabbit VX2 liver tumor with alternated cooling and heating treatment (ACHT). ACHT was performed on fifteen VX2 liver tumor models established in fifteen male New Zealand white rabbits with open tumor plant. ARFI was performed on day 0,(More)
meta-Cleavage product (MCP) hydrolases can catalyze relatively low reactive carbon–carbon bond hydrolysis of products, which are derived from the meta-cleavage of catechols. The strict substrate selectivity of MCP hydrolases attracts an interest to understand the determinants of substrate specificity. Compared with conventional site-directed mutagenesis,(More)
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