E. Shaforost

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In this paper we develop a new approach for the fingerprint detection and analysis of biochemical (lossy) liquids of pico- to nanoliter volumes. We investigated dielectric resonators excited in so-called whispering-gallery-modes with local in homogeneities in the form of a liquid droplet. The droplet position is achieved to be independent on the azimuthal(More)
Whispering-gallery mode (WGM) dielectric resonators provide compact design, high mechanical stability and high quality factors from microwaves up to frequencies in the visible range. In particular, the specific dielectric response of liquids in micro- and (sub)millimetre wave frequency bands (10 GHz to 3 THz) make WGM mode resonators and resonator arrays in(More)
Two-layered (along a radius) quasi-optical dielectric resonators of Teflon with conducting endplates and lossy liquids are studied in Ka-band. Whispering gallery modes are excited in the resonators. The measurement data are compared with theoretical calculations of frequencies and Q-factors of the resonators filled with water, ethyl alcohol and benzine. A(More)
In the present work the results of experimental studyies of the electrodynamic properties of QDR with a local inhomogeneity present. The local inhomogeneity has a form of cuvette (in a two-hemidisk resonator) and a form of cylindrical capillary (in a disk resonator). The cuvette(s) or the capillary are filled with liquid studied and both types of(More)
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