E. Scott Geller

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An instrumented vehicle was used to obtain behavioral data from 61 drivers ranging in age from 18 to 82. Each driver completed a personality questionnaire and participated in a study described as an evaluation of cognitive mapping and way-finding abilities. An evaluation of relationships between age, personality and driving style revealed that driver age(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate effects of a natural CPOE implementation in a hospital setting and inform the efficacy of using CPOE rather than traditional paper medication orders. DESIGN A multiple-baseline, quasi-experimental study of a naturally occurring CPOE intervention, with a non-equivalent control site. MEASUREMENTS Compliance with medication-ordering(More)
—Understanding the capabilities of adversaries (e.g., how much the adversary knows about a target) is important for building strong security defenses. Computing an adversary's knowledge about a target requires new modeling techniques and experimental methods. Our work describes a quantitative analysis technique for modeling an adversary's knowledge about(More)
Overview For more than two decades, Geller and associates have used the concept of a Total Safety Culture to create significant and lasting safety improvements in a variety of industrial contexts. In a Total Safety Culture, the organization's members feel responsible for regularly identifying and acting on safety-related objectives, many going " beyond the(More)
Actual and verbally reported decisional self-control choices (e.g., 1 penny now or 2 pennies in 1 minute) were obtained from 40 retarded adolescents who participated in a sheltered workshop. Prior to each of their eight choices, one-half of the students experienced the same time interval that was included in the choice for that day (e.g., 1 minute).(More)
The efficacy of novel field sobriety tests to predict breath alcohol content (BAC) and perceptions of driving risk was evaluated. Participants (N = 210) were passersby at two downtown locations near local bars and one on-campus location near a late-night dining facility between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. Participants gave ratings of their(More)
Two studies examined interventions to increase the frequency of gratitude expression among college students in two large lecture classes of an Introduction to Psychology course at a large university in southwest Virginia. Both studies evaluated the impact of a writing exercise designed to increase intentions to express gratitude in a prescribed manner. In(More)
Additive effects of publicly posting individual feedback following group goal-setting and feedback were evaluated. The turn-signal use of pizza deliverers was studied in a multiple baseline design across two pizza stores. After baseline observations, pizza deliverers voted on a group turn-signal goal and then received 4 weeks of group feedback on their(More)