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From 1984 to 1994, 40 patients with a subtalar fusion were reexamined in long-term follow-up. The evaluation of the overall results was carried out with three different scoring systems. The calcaneal fractures were primarily treated nonsurgically in 23 patients (57.5%), and 17 patients (42.5%) had undergone ORIF. Complete pain relief was achieved in 52.5%(More)
The os trigonum syndrome is an entity causing posterior ankle pain and occurs mostly with typical sports activities. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis are presented. Typical complaints and therapeutic procedure are demonstrated in one case. Therapy includes different non-operative methods, resistance to non-operative procedures is an indication for(More)
Fresh and cryopreserved allogeneic corticalis segments - 10 mm in length and free from periosteum and bone marrow - were transplanted in Wistar rats. Within an observation period of 12 weeks, cell-mediated and humoral immune reactions could be demonstrated by leukocyte migration inhibition and capillary precipitation. There was no reduction in antigenicity(More)
During 1973 and 1989, 6,378 car accidents with 8,931 injured persons were evaluated in the area of Hannover. 3,267 car drivers and passengers sustained fractures overall and 148 (4,5 %) fractures of the foot. A major role in the ethiology of the foot fractures evolves from the deformation of the foot room. Driver and front seat passenger showed similar(More)
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