E. Scharein

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BACKGROUND To date, the anesthesia-induced blockade of nociceptive inputs is insufficiently reflected by commercially available electroencephalographic depth-of-anesthesia monitors. The aim of the current study was to evaluate the potential of somatosensory (SSEP) and intracutaneous pain evoked (iSEP) potentials during remifentanil and propofol anesthesia(More)
Expectation of pain is an important adaptive process enabling individuals to avoid bodily harm. It reflects the linking of past experience and environmental cues with imminent threat. In the present study, we examined changes in perceived pain contingent upon variation of the interval between an auditory cue and a subsequent painful laser stimulus. The(More)
Simultaneous measurements of EEG, MEG and EMG were performed during randomized blocks with higher and lower muscular stress in comparison to baseline condition. Power spectral density PSD was analyzed separately for five intervals (theta, delta, alpha, beta, gamma). During increased muscular stress, a significant increase could be observed in most bands of(More)
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