E. Sathiyamoorthy

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This paper is aimed at the stipulations which arise in the traditional online auctions as a result of various anomalies in the reputation and trust calculation mechanism. We try to improve the scalability and efficiency of the online auctions by providing efficient trust management methodology considering several factors into consideration. A comparison(More)
The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) deals with the huge amount of network data that includes redundant and irrelevant features causing slow training and testing procedure, higher resource usage and poor detection ratio. Feature selection is a vital preprocessing step in intrusion detection. Hence, feature selec-tion is an essential issue in intrusion(More)
The advent of semiconductors emerged day to day and lead us to the current trend of Cloud computing, which brings the information required to our life at our finger tips. The technology of today is getting expanded every day, especially in the management of EHR's. In order to provide high security for health care data we need a strong security mechanism for(More)
Data is growing more and more for the past few decades and its volume keeps on increasing rapidly, with the variety of unstructured data. This increases the amount of data storage for the major aspects of Business analysis, prediction, search, decision making and so on. Today's world is totally revolutionized into the cloud, which decreases the necessity of(More)
Security plays a vital role in Cloud Computing Services. Public Key Encryption is the mostly used method to provide security that needs sharing the public keys and digital certificates. Securing the data and resources in the Cloud is a difficult task. If the security method adopted in cloud environment is not understandable by the user, then the user may(More)
— The creation of an abstract over a text document prepared by a computer program is defined as an Automatic Text Summarizer. This abstract of the text document must however contain all the salient features of the original document. This paper tries to cover the necessary functional modules that complete an automatic text summarizer. It also highlights the(More)
In the field of Network Security, Intrusion is the severe threat for various Networks. So an efficient Intrusion Detection System is required to detect the intrusions that are spread through the Network. The main idea of this paper is to reduce the average control path latency incurred between request and response of the system as well as the increasing the(More)