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The aim of our study was to evaluate the adequacy of a new mapping device for obtaining a reliable set of normal maps characteristic for this approach. We studied body surface isochrone maps of peak R in four healthy adolescent girls using the mapping system CARDIAG 128.1 with 80 unipolar leads placed in a regular grid. The constructed maps were compared(More)
Diagnosis of essential hypertension is created per exclusionem--with exclusion of all, so called secondary hypertensions (nephrogenic, endocrine conditioned etc). Idea and the name-essential hypertension are unclear. We have a lot of hypotheses about mechanisms of hypertension but no one is explaining satisfactorily the "fixation" of hypertension. From this(More)
The authors aim to offer a holistic view on hypertension and its treatment. Their approach is fairly confrontational, particularly by suggesting that hypertension may play a role in optimizing the blood flow and enhancing oxygen delivery. An increase in blood pressure brings about a threat of catastrophes. Therefore hypertension might be considered as(More)
In the course of adaptation of the rabbit heart to volume load passive diastolic properties of the hypertrophic ventricle and myocardium were changing significantly. On day 30 following perforation of the aortic valve stiffness of the ventricle was reduced, yet normalized ventricular stiffness and myocardial stiffness were increased. These changes were(More)
Adaptation of the rabbit heart to volume load of the left ventricle is characterized by hypertrophic growth. This process involves an increase in the mass and changes in the composition of the myocardium. In the fifth week after perforation of the aortic valve an increase in phospholipid content and in mitochondria and a decrease in protein content was(More)