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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the return to fertility following removal of the GyneFix intrauterine implant system in women wishing to conceive. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective study was performed on a sample of healthy, sexually active nulligravid/nulliparous and parous women. The participants were 18-41 years of age, with no apparent infertility problem, living in(More)
9689 Background: Despite numerous studies emphasizing the value of SNB in staging breast cancer (BC), this technique has not yet become a standard of care. The long recommended « learning curve », restricts the technique to a few expert surgeons and limits its widespread use. METHODS 118 successive BC patients were offered to undergo SNB prior to(More)
The authors have studied a series of 2,292 pregnancies that were unselected and have calculated from this the risks of spontaneous abortion before the 28th week of the pregnancy that patients have when they come for ultrasonography for the first time in the pregnancy. They have been able to work out the risks of spontaneous abortion even when the ultrasound(More)
An in vitro fertilisation unit has been working since the 1 st May 1988 in the Notre-Dame Clinic in Charleroi in the Beligium province of Hainaut. This work analyses the practice and results of the first two years activity in which 185 oocytes retrievals were carried out. The account not only deals with the results (according to 8 criteria for evaluation)(More)
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