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Most of the replacement algorithms devised and implemented largely depend on program behavior, in other words, to optimally select the parameters of these algorithms program behavior or at least a probability model of it should be known. The page fault frequency (PFF) algorithm adapts to dynamic changes in program behavior during execution. Therefore its(More)
The policy process of international cooperation in space exploration. including optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the twenty-first century, is modeled and examined in this study. In the optimistic scenario, international cooperation involves a balanced and interdependent distribution of capabilities between states, their respective national space(More)
Life support systems represent one of the most critical aspects of human space exploration. Future long-term missions such as the establishment of human-tended Lunar and Martian bases require closed life support systems. A conceptual approach to an Engineered Closed/Controlled EcoSystem incorporating bioregenerative capabilities by integrating humans,(More)
Long-term human missions in space, such as the establishment of a human-tended lunar base, require autonomous life support systems. A Lunar Engineered Closed/Controlled EcoSystem (LECCES) can provide autonomy by integrating a human module with support plant and animal modules, and waste treatment subsystems. Integration of physical/chemical (P/C) and(More)
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